Oh! Soldiers | A Poem dedicated our heroes

indian army oh soldiers poem

On Account of India’s 74th Independence Day, Sweta D. Gowda accepting our Invitation for content submission for Independence week sent us the below poem. 

Oh! soldiers
Oh! our brave soldiers,
Thank you for being our country’s firm shoulders.
Tricolour flag waving up in the sky,
Keeping in mind you always qualify.

Being on borders beyond the reach of your family members,
You protect us from all what cannot be counted in numbers.

Accepting the duties on border,
You make sure everything is in order.
You are the pride of our nation,
What you go through is beyond our imagination.

Oh Soldiers, because of you we have a peaceful sleep,
Taking on the bullets your wounds are so deep.
Army is not just a profession,
But it is a love for nation and fearless dedication.

You serve the nation with your blood and sweat,
Making sure that it is never under a threat.
From North to south east to west,
Our country’s soldieries are beyond the best

– Sweta D. Gowda
Instagram handle- @shwtzg97

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