Best Evidence Law Books For LLB Students

Evidence law is a subject that is usually taught at the later stages in law school. Once the basic concepts are clear, the syllabus for LLB gradually delves deeper into subjects like Civil and Criminal Procedure. That is when Evidence Law comes into play.

Evidence law is the central law that decides what sort of proof can be admitted in the court of law, the procedure of admission of such proof, and matters incidental thereto. This article is about the Best Evidence Law books for students.

Evidence Rules provide the mandatory framework within which evidence law applies. In evidence exam, you need to know evidence concepts very well and also be able to apply them in a given situation. Thus, it’s best if you have evidence law books that have been written specifically with regard to evidence exams so as to understand how to apply evidence rules practically during your evidence exams.

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As far as evidence exam preparation is concerned, you need to remember that the Evidence Act has been explained in detail within these evidence law books . Thus, you can look up any provision of the Evidence Act while preparing for evidence exams and study it in conjunction with its explanation from one of these evidence law books . You need not really read through the entire evidence book unless you want to understand evidence concepts even better (which is recommended).

This article lists Best evidence law books for LLB students. Now your search where to find good books for LLB course? comes to an end.

The Law Of Evidence by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal

Law of Evidence Ratanal and Dhirajlal
Law of Evidence by LexisNexis

The first evidence book that one needs to read is Ratanlal & Dhirajlal. This evidence book contains the basic concepts of evidence, some interesting cases and an entire section on Civil Procedure – all with plenty of examples. It also includes a section on Criminal Procedure which many evidence law enthusiasts find quite fascinating. This evidence book is essential reading for every student of evidence law.

It covers almost every aspect of evidence law clearly accompanied by illustrations wherever necessary. Along with Theory of Evidence, this evidence book may also be helpful for students of competitive exams like UPSC’s Civil Services Examination, State Service Examinations in different states, SSC Examinations, Banking Services Exam, etc.

The Law Of Evidence by Batuk Lal

Evidence law book for LLB Students

Batuk Lal is an evidence book that law students would be using most often during their evidence exams. It has time and again proved to be very useful during exams especially with regard to questions on evidence law fundamentals. Batuk Lal’s evidence book covers all aspects of evidence law thoroughly. Thus, it would come in handy while answering a question or two on evidence law from a criminal case or a criminal procedure case that appears in your exam.

LAW OF EVIDENCE by by Vepa P.Sarathi

VP Sarathi Evidence Law Book

This evidence book covers all aspects of evidence law thoroughly. Thus, it would come in handy while answering a question or two on evidence law from a criminal case or a criminal procedure case that appears in your exam. Easy understanding and clears every doubt you may have while earning the procedures. Well backed by case laws and landmark judgements relevant to Evidence. Must read for Law Students.

Principal of The Law Of Evidence by Dr. Avtar Singh

Evidence Law Book Central Law Agency

In my opinion there’s this Evidence for Law Students which is a good evidence law book to read and understand evidence law in detail. But evidence exams are not the place where you would be making use of it.

Law Of Evidence by Woodroffe and Amir Ali


Evidence Law Hardcover

Law Of Evidence In 4 Vols, 21St Edition 2020 is the complete set of books that you may require if you want to study evidence in deep. This particular set if not for undergraduates in law or competitive exam students but for people like professionals and practitioners.


As far as conclusions go, I would like to state that there are numerous other good evidence law textbooks apart from those mentioned above. However, the evidence books mentioned above are the evidence law textbooks that have been most widely used by students studying evidence law. Thus, they are the evidence law books that you must have if you wish to appear for evidence exams with flying colors!