Best Books on the law of Torts for law aspirants

Best books on law of torts for law students

The law of Torts is like bedtime stories for law students it is the easiest subject which been taught in our First years of law school. Torts are nothing but “civil wrongs” that are recompense by courts for such instances, for damages from people, or from any legal entities. If you study the law of torts you will have a clear idea of the common laws which are applied to our daily lifestyles.

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Torts give remedies for assault, battery, trespass, nuisance, negligence, defamation, and any other civil damages where you can claim damages for the violation of your legal rights. You will have a clear idea of how to claim damages if anyone has violated your legal rights, if not then there will be no action under the law of torts, this chapter basically deals with the infringement of the legal right of a person.

The tort is something that a normal public doesn’t have any idea. People don’t know that they can be sued or can sue for minor or common things.  Unlike contracts, there need not be any pre-existing legal relationship between parties.

Here are a few lists of books for Law of Torts which will help you to clear your semester exams or any LL.M. entrance tests after you complete your LL.B. degree. These books are also helpful for those who are appearing for their CLAT (U.G. as well as P.G.) exams

1. Law of Torts by R.K. Bangia

If you are a beginner then you must go for Law of Torts by R.K. Bangia. This book is the easiest book to understand and it will help you to clear the fundamental concepts in the law of torts. For a beginner level, Prof. R. K. Bangia’s Law of Torts will do justice to your legal understandings. It is simple in language with basic case laws and understandable illustrations which will help you to get good scores in your semesters.

Law Of Torts With Consumer Protection Act Paperback by R.K.Bangia
Law Of Torts With Consumer Protection Act Paperback by R.K.Bangia

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2. Law of Torts by Ratanlal and Dhirajlal

One of the best books on Law of Torts for beginners among the Indian authors is Ratanlal and Dhirajlal’s Law of Tort book. This book is highly recommended by law school faculties. The language in this book is crystal clear. If you are really interested in reading the law of torts then this book is highly recommended as a law aspirant.

This book is for the first-year law course. Of course, it’s a long-standing work.

THE LAW OF TORTS by Dhirajlal & Ratanlal [Edition 2020-2021] Paperback
THE LAW OF TORTS by Dhirajlal & Ratanlal [Edition 2020-2021] Paperback

3. Law of Torts by J.N. Pandey

Law of Torts by J.N. Panday is the best for any law student as this book comes with The consumer protection act as well as The Motor Vehicle Act. The language of this book is too lucid to understand each and every concept very easily. This book was specially written for the beginners of the law school.

Law of Torts by J.N. Pandey is also helpful for LLB students specifically. And every line in this book is comprehensively and precisely written.

Law of Torts With Consumer Protection Act and Motor Vehicles Act Paperback- J.N. Pandey

4. P.S.A. Pillai’s – Law Of Tort

If you want to dig deep into the law of torts then P.S.A. Pillai’s – Law Of Tort book is better for you. Only if you are at the intermediate level. The language of this book is quite standard and advanced as compared to other “law of tort” books. Moreover, the book is perfectly based on the latest syllabus for all law students around the nation.

Note: You can refer to this book only after your fundamental concepts get crystal clear. Otherwise, this book is not for beginners.

P.S.A. Pillai’s Law of Tort Paperback by Avtar Singh 19th Edition


All the books which are mentioned above are mostly recommended by law school professors. Apart from these books, there are other standard books written by various authors on the Law of Torts. Although whatever may be written in those books the law remains the same, the only thing that differs is the author’s approach of expressing and conveying it to his/her readers. Unlike don’t go blindly, you need to find which author’s language and comprehension are suitable for you.

We also have a list of other subject books that you might be interested in:

If you go through these books you will find the “law of Torts” are uncodified laws . These are mainly originated from the English common law precedents, and later on, these were further developed by the Indian Courts. Unlike other laws, in the Laws of Torts, there is no specific Bare Act (except very few) in which the laws are already fixed and codified by the legislature. If you read this subject you will find a lot of foreign cases here. Therefore the judges’ decisions are not confined only within the interpretation and application in these laws while adjudicating the matters before them while dealing with this particular branch of law.