Freedom | Poem dedicated to India’s Independence

india's new independence

Freedom | A Poem by Kunal Sathish

On Account of India’s 74th Independence Day, Kunal accepting our Invitation for content submission for Independence week sent us a poem.

Freedom comes from pain
Freedom comes through hunger
Freedom comes from poverty
And may also give us gain

There are many who gave their lives
To fight for emancipation
they dived into freedoms call
set away from there beloved wives

It may be a ruler,
It may be a common person
But there was a fixed perspective,
To get freedom for the future

There are many famous people in BHARATH
It may be a great ruler as Tipu Sultan
Or a good leader as Gandhiji
Or a brave woman as Subramnia Bharth

It may have many castes or religions
But everyone became united
Fought against the oppressors
And saw the future vision

These were only possible by those people
Who had greatest passion of leadership
Which made them extraordinary
And made them fly like a seagull

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