Bar Council of India Answers: Will Law Students Have Exams?

Bar Council of India Answers Will Law Students Have Exams

The Bar Council of India steps in to interrupt amid the exam or no exam situation amongst the law students. There has been a lot of confusion among the students of various universities and although a few universities did answer queries that exams shall stand canceled but the majority of them did not answer and issued notices that said the decision was pending until colleges reopened.

The cartel of law, (don’t take me seriously on this cartel joke) has stepped in and instructed all Centres of Legal Education in India to follow the below guidelines as on the 9th June, 2020:

  • The students of the final year i.e 3 year LLB and 5 year LLB shall be allowed to take online examinations.
  • Alternatively, the university may also adopt any method which they feel adequate to satisfy the requirements of regular examinations for final year LL.B students of 3 years and 5 years.
  • The universities may adopt methods such as writing project report/research paper for each paper or doubling the internal marks of semester examinations that are already held for the final year law students.
  • In case, a student has not cleared any subject in his previous years and was required to sit for supplementary examinations, such students may appear for online examinations for the said papers or such methods as the university may adopt such as writing a project report or research paper so as to enable them to pass within time.
  • All other law students are to be PROMOTED to the next year on the basis of their previous examination marks and internal examination marks on the current year. However, the students will have to appear for their end semesters as soon as the college reopens. (So, dust your books, exams will be held)
  • Covid-19 protocols to be followed.
  • The highest standards of examinations are to be maintained.

Here’s a link to the entire press release for download:


Will the final year law students have exams?

Yes, you may have online exams or be promoted by your university on the basis of writing projects or research papers or any other method as maybe adopted by your university

Will the other law students of 3 year LLB and 5 year LLB have exams?

Yes, you will be provisionally promoted to the next year on the basis of your current year’s internal marks or previous year performance, however, your end semester exams are to be held as soon as the college reopens and in a reasonable time.

What if final year law students have pending paper in previous year? (uncleared paper)

If a final year law student has uncleared papers or pending supplementary exams, such students may appear in online examinations or be evaluated on the basis of project or research work as the university deem fit.

Does my university fall under the purview of this notice by BCI?

In India, all institutions that depart legal education is under the authority of the Bar Council of India (BCI) so as instructed that all Centres of Legal Education in India shall abide by the above guidelines as per the press release dated 09.06.2020

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