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Cyber Crime Online Complaint

Cyber Crime Online Complaint

In a very layman’s term, Cybercrime refers to those crimes that involve a computer, a network or a network device. In a nutshell, Cyber Law deals with the internet, computers, computer system, cyberspace, and everything related to cyberspace or information technology. While most Cyber Crimes are performed to generate financial profits for the criminals, some …

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Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement: Things You Should Know

In a layman’s term, an Employment Agreement refers to an official written agreement between a business or corporation (employer) and an individual (employee), which enumerates the span of the employee’s employment. However, the conditions of the agreement are set by what was coincided by the employee himself when they proclaimed their keenness to work. The agreement …

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Employees State Insurance Corporation

Employees State Insurance Corporation

The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 or ESI Act constitutes several sections that skirts various health-related occurrence that the workers generally face I.e., maternity, illness, temporary or permanent disability, and insurance for all those employees who work under factories registered with the ESI Corporation. ESTABLISHMENT OF EMPLOYEES STATE INSURANCE CORPORATION The Employees State Insurance Act, …

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