Are we destroying generations at the ease of fingertips?

Are we destroying generations at the ease of fingertips_

Let’s introspect if we are truly destroying generations at the ease of fingertips. When we open up any of the social networking tools online, in the language of marketing we’re a targeted user where the platform serves us freshly cooked dopamine shots. These are sort of chemicals that our internal system produces to give us a sensation of happiness.

Tools such as the Facebook Newsfeed or the YouTube video viewing platform are designed in such a way that a user will experience small dosages of dopamine every few secs acting as an incentive to use more of the product. The small meme we’re viewing or the video we just watched gave us some sort of feeling which we experienced because our body produced that small amount of dopamine and the continuous supply of this dopamine act as a drug thereby affecting our lifestyle and making us an online addict.

The more time we spend on these platforms, the more data they have to understand our psychology. The better they understand our psychology, the better recommendations we’re served from their AI algorithms which in turn helps them to increase our average time spent on their platforms, and that is directly linked to the amount of money they make through serving ads. All this with simple tools like the endless scrolling NewsFeed and the blazing guns of notifications calling us to use their services 24*7


Not on social media? Open up a news channel and you’ll notice you’ll agree to most of what they say and those splash screens with hideous BREAKING NEWS titles only tell you that you were right. Scapegoating a person and punching their ‘motivated’ opinion on your face irrespective of guilt being established by the courts.

There has been a radical shift in how we use the media today irrespective of how it is affecting us. The tools that are being made and served to us no longer sit there on the aisle to be used but they demand attention.

We’re the ‘Gen Z’ kids(born approx between 1997 to 2012), the most connected, educated, and sophisticated generation ever in human history, and yet we’re watching the TV channel that always tells us we’re right. or we are being led by some sort of AI algorithm on the web making us believe in the reality of the world with which we are presented. It’s not just tearing our country apart, but destroying the global democracy.

The ‘Gen Z’ is being put behind a glass ceiling and fed with opinions and they’re let loose when they have no ability to form their own. It is taking away the self-worth and identity of an individual.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter and News Agencies on print and screens are increasingly feeding the ‘Gen Z’ with fabricated opinions, fake information and Malicious knowledge that was previously barred from being accessed by the states through strict norms and regulations. We’re moving towards a more liberal social world but at the same time a more dangerous civilization.

This new unleashed social environment is maybe the biggest curse of humankind. One generation hasn’t passed and we have started to struggle with it already.

Are we really destroying generations at the ease of fingertips?

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