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Marathi Legal Drafts

मराठी ड्राफ्टस | Download Marathi Court Drafts @ Rs. 319/-

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What do you get from this Marathi Legal Drafts bundle?

  • More than 30 types of Drafts in Marathi │३० पेक्षा जास्त प्रकारचे रेडीमेड मराठी ड्राफ्टस
  • All files in .pdf and .doc format
  • Marathi Font (Kruti Dev) │ मराठी अक्षरे (कृती देव)
  • Drafts on applications such as various forms Civil Pleadings, Motor Vehicles Claims, Consumer Complaints, Sale Deed, Will, Bond, Leave and License, etc.

How is this useful?

While sample drafts for their use in Courts are easily available in English, many times, advocates and lawyers face great difficulty in finding the same in other languages. That is why; we bring to you, this bundle of over 30 different categories of editable drafts in Marathi that are used popularly in all courts of Maharashtra.

Additionally, we also provide the Marathi font style with this bundle so that you can edit the drafts as per your needs effortlessly. The bundle also comes with a file that contains all the information you need to use and make the best out of these drafts.

Who is this for?

The drafts in this bundle are prepared in such a manner, that whether you are a student, a new practitioner, or a seasoned veteran simply looking to make your work easy, it works for you! Fully editable and as per the formats used across the various Courts and Forums of Maharashtra, these bundle drafts are what you need, so that you can focus on what’s more important, and leave the formats to us.

How to Download Marathi Drafting Formats?

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  • Fonts are not supported on mobile.
  • Extract the files and follow the instruction given
  • Live Chat Assistant is available in case you face any problem

Sample Marathi Drafts/ Preview Marathi Court Drafts

marathi drafts folder preview
kruti fond in the bundle

Marathi Drafts Topic Included in the Bundle?

sample marathi court drafts legal

How to Purchase Marathi Drafting Bundle?

Pay now using the button below and get the download link on your Email and WhatsApp number instantly. It takes less than 5mins to get access to the marathi court drafts folder! All the legal drafts are in document folder and can be edited using Microsoft Word or simiar editing softwares both in mobile and desktop. 

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